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Buniness Talk English

Buniness Talk English

foreword :

Globalization and the latest developments in the Communication technologies open up to all companies Industries and sizes hitherto unimagined possibilities, in to become active internationally. As everyone knows, English has long established as the lingua franca of global business. Be it in meetings, discussions, presentations, ver actions, small talk or just to catch up with Staying in touch with customers - nowadays it's indispensable bar, the correct english expressions and words fast to have on hand. This Pocket Guide contains many practical examples, sentences and explanations that you know in every business situation terhelfen. For an additional training effect, the entire book is written in English. helpful Word explanations in German facilitate understanding. Because the language is influenced by cultural factors, You also get useful intercultural tips and explanations which etiquette rules you follow linguistically should. This book allows you to do your business English to expand, improve or refresh quickly and is therefore a valuable reference work for all gels genheiten. I wish you a lot of success with your international Ge transactions.

Buniness Talk English

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